Publicity for tourism businesses

Blue StarfishMost tourism enterprises have a great story behind them, and getting that story out is a great way to grow. PublicityShip is the art of generating publicity – telling your story to achieve media exposure can be one of the fastest and most effective ways to market your operation!

We’ve had a lot of direct experience with travel and tourism media, and understand why its an appealing subject for media coverage. There are excellent opportunities for personality pieces, new product news, and a number of theme-based stories, from adventure to zoo-keeping. Not only that, but compelling images are usually able to be produced – well thought out images that tell the story of your key attractions can be a trump card in securing wide ranging publicity.

A Publicity Plan is a great first step, and helps you to discover your story angles, define your target audience and establish the most effective ways for you to get media coverage.

And what about online marketing for tourism operators?

Brighton BeachThe tourism industry is rapidly responding to the enormous changes occurring due to the widespread availability of broadband. Travellers are researching, booking and writing about their experiences online, and the rate of growth is extraordinary.

OM4Tourism logoWe now have a whole business dedicated to Online Marketing for Tourism. Please go to OM4Tourism for a browse and get in touch with us with your comments, queries or if we can be of any assistance.