You’re never too small for an online newsroom

Have you ever visited a corporate website and been impressed by all the head-spinning self-praise? Something that always helps raise a profile is having a media page on the site – also known as online newsrooms. This is the place to store:

  • press releases relating to the company with links to the releases themselves and relevant images available for download
  • links to media coverage achieved
  • a press pack with essential information on your business for journalists, including contact details and images

There’s a much more important reason for this than just growing your head bigger. Having press releases and news about you on your website also enhances your online presence, keeps the news available over an indefinite period, and increases the chance of both journalists and potential clients finding information that interests them.

For example, Google News works by trawling sites looking for news content, and press releases are a likely target. Journalists also search online when preparing articles or looking for stories to fill space. And the additional content provides more search terms to capture potential clients browsing the net.

So – far from being a corporate spin – an online newsroom makes sense for any business, however small. And if you don’t have any press releases to upload, you need to start preparing your first one now. We recommend distributing one press release every three to four months.

PR Influences has some useful advice about online newsrooms. Although aimed at larger businesses, a simplified version of what they recommend is certainly worth considering. And David Meerman Scott makes the point that a newsrooms are no longer the territory of journalists only, so prepare your content with your potential customers in mind.

Take a look at our Client Press Releases page, which lists and links to all our clients’ releases and sites. This is not only good for our clients but showcases what we do and provides a service for journalists searching for stories. Next I will be creating a page documenting media coverage of PublicityShip itself.

A very simple structure for online newsrooms that any small business can follow entails:

  • a page linking to each release about your business,
  • probably one page of images for download, although you can place specific images at the foot of each release,
  • a page showing media coverage received,
  • if you have a media or press pack – an online version in your newsroom.

And make sure your contact details are easy to click.

Of course it helps to be working with a self-managed site so that you can upload each press release and series of images quickly and without the cost of a web administrator. Our platform allows for this, thanks to OM4 – our online marketing business, which will be officially launched shortly.