Write for visitors

Getting traffic to your site is of great interest to blog authors. And it seems there is no end of experts willing to give you tips on what you MUST do to get your site optimised.

Well, Google have recently published a nice summary of how to do good for your site in search engine terms. Its called Target Visitors or Search Engines?.

Our blogging clients will be familiar with our philosophy that the primary objective is to publish great content. That way, you get a team of experts at Google, Yahoo et al working for you, as its great content they want to deliver from search. So its great to hear Google articulate this:
“… the good news is that the guidelines and tips about how Google crawls and indexes sites come down to wanting great content for our search results..”

Ok, but you’ll be pleased to know we also go to some trouble to build good search engine practices into our blog sites. Google recommend that you make good use of page titles, and ensure that the content on the page matches it. For our sites, we use the Optimal Content plugin so that the page title or blog title appear as the page title, followed by the name of the blog (“Page title – Blog Title”). Having the page/post title up front is a way of making sure your page is indexed as accurately as possible.

You may also have noticed our blog sites use friendly link names … so rather than www.myblog.com/?p=353, we have www.myblog.com/finding-a-needle-in-a-haystack. This makes it easy for your readers, and easier for search engines to determine what the page is about.

For those of you interested in setting meta keywords and meta descriptions, we can activate a WordPress plugin for you that lets you set these for each page and post. Its additional effort, and there is debate about how important it is. Still, if you decide you want to do this, its very easy to get up and going.

So in a nutshell, we’ve built in search engine friendly elements from the start, and will continue to add features that automate search engine friendliness. But as Google suggests, focus on creating a great site for visitors, and you have your eye on the main game.