Why you should know about the Time Person of the Year

Time Person of the Year
Time has named the Person of the Year as You.

Here is the article (and I’ve linked to the print version, so you can see it with as few ads as possible): Time POTY.

So aren’t they talking about consumer Web 2.0 issues, unrelated to small business? Definitely not. The people currently participating in the “massive social experiment” referred to by Time also reflect the massive increase in the size of potential markets for small business. An explosion has occurred in the online participation rate already – but we are also in a massive growth phase.

Statistics can be a bit obscure at times, but consider in Australia:

  • There are over 6M active internet users, and about half have broadband (ABS data)
  • Small business is exceptionally well connected, with 80% of SMEs with broadband Internet access (ref: July Sensis e-Business Report). This is up from 17% in 2002.
  • Over 60% of employees of SMEs have Internet access at work (ref)

This is similar to the US, where 78% of almost 20 million small businesses use the Internet (wow, that is over 15.5 million small businesses!). In 2005 they spent $43B US online (see eMarketer).

So, its worth reading about the Time Person of The Year, and reflecting on what it means for you. Our clients – and yours – are out on the web in ever increasing numbers, and in a mushrooming set of niches. What a fantastic story for diversity. And such a great opportunity for small business.