When PR doesn’t work

Guy Kawasaki has posted an interview on The Top Ten Reasons Why PR Doesn’t Work. The list comes courtesy of Margie Fisher of theprsite.com, who also gives us a practical lesson in how to do PR! Great article Margie, and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of business benefit from Guy’s interview.

Some bloggers and commenters seem to have read the Top 10 article as being an attack on PR clients. I didn’t see it that way at all. The headline is well constructed to get attention. Maybe it would make better sense if it read ‘When PR Doesn’t Work – the Top Ten Reasons’ (more accurate, but nowhere near as effective as a headline). Margie (and Guy) know that PR can (and does) work. Just not always. Understanding what is going wrong when it doesn’t work is useful.

Some commenters also seem to think that PR is no longer important. Hmmm. Not so. We work heavily in both PR and online marketing. My observation is that the best of the online marketers know only too well the value of ‘old school’ publicity. For example, have a look the recommendations on Starting From Scratch, on Under $100 and see how many of the top SEO folk recommend getting a profile IRL (in-real-life). And if you follow the online marketing community, you will see that a focus on online as well as offline profile is seen as very important. So my take is that you need to get your message out, period. Use offline and online channnels. And that means understanding and utilising the New Rules of PR and Marketing.

The confusion around how to do PR in the new online environment reflects the rate of change in the area of PR & marketing- it is phenomenal. I’ve been almost twenty years in technology and business consulting, and have seen major upheavals in a lot of industries as technology shakes up the value chain. The technology led changes now taking place in the sales & marketing domain are going to make a lot of industry ‘revolutions’ look tiny by comparison. In sales and marketing, we’ve only just started. Expect to see dazed and confused marketing & PR managers (even from tech companies) wandering around saying ‘what the heck was that?’.

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  1. PR2.0 says:

    Why PR Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It…

    Rather than highlight what’s wrong with PR or why it doesn’t work, let’s talk about how to fix it….

  2. PR2.0 says:

    Why PR Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It…

    Ask anyone what’s wrong with PR and you’ll unintentionally draft a manifesto
    that consists of radically varied top 10 lists. The answers will
    collectively form the foundation for revolution in the communications

    Rather than highlight…

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