What editors want from public relations firms

Talk to any public relations firm and they will tell you how hard it is to get useful feedback from a magazine or newspaper editor. It’s not that editors want to be unhelpful or brusque, they’re simply very very busy, and chatting to publicists or businesses wanting to get their news release noticed – well, this isn’t top of their agenda.

I can vouch for this because I used to be an editor before hopping over the fence into public relations.

On the other hand, editors DO want good content for their readers. And whereas most editors are unwilling to discuss individual media releases, they are often happy to give general advice to businesses and public relations firms that are genuinely looking to fulfil the editors’ requirements.

So if you want to know what editors are looking for, ask them. And read this interview with Alan Dean, Editor of Selling Down Under, an award-winning online magazine and blogsite selling Australia to the overseas travel industry.