Use your expertise to attract publicity

One of our newest clients recently clarified for us the value of expertise in the publicity process.

Angie Mardon is a goldmine of information and advice drawn from many years of experience in business, specifically in human resources and recruitment.

Her daughter, Shelley, who also happens to be her business partner, had been looking for ways to harness this invaluable resource to best advantage and was delighted to discover the business blogging concept.

There are many other ways buzzing around my head of harnessing Angie’s expertise, including working with the media to offer an expert opinion on relevant subjects, or even regular columns, becoming a guest speaker or panel member for industry forums, and so on.

Outlets like these enable you – the expert – to become a respected ‘voice’, providing an ongoing source of inspiration and help to a network guaranteed to reach potential clients, whether they be local, interstate or international, and raising the profile of your business.

Back bendTime for a Little Personal Publicity? urges readers not to view this kind of publicity as ‘artless self-promotion’ and I wholeheartedly agree.

On a more practical leve, Five Benefits of Being a Specialist crisply outlines some excellent reasons for giving it a go.

And if it all sounds daunting, there’s help available in the form of ghost-writers and media coaches – and of course PublicityShip.

It’s natural for a small business operator to be unsure that the world wants to hear their point of view, but we often find that running ideas and opinions past an objective audience in the safety of our offices or phone lines convinces them of the worth of their expertise.

No doubt there are countless other small business operators out there with a wealth of experience that others can only benefit from sharing. And the benefits to the business are clear.

  • For a start, by linking your byline to your website, every reader can be potentially drawn into your site with a clear call to action.
  • Another, less obvious, benefit is a refreshment of your business focus. Every small business needs an edge over its competitors, and establishing your personal niche will help you to hone that edge. We are finding this to be a hugely beneficial spin-off from our blog content planning meetings.
  • And finally, publicity gained through shared knowledge helps to build trust in a way that advertising never can.