Update to privacy policy

We are about to launch our Hidden Jewel competition for the travel and tourism sector, and this prompted a thorough review of our Privacy Policy.

Its definitely time to be a bit more specific about how we manage privacy. For us, its not just a theoretical or compliance matter, there is a very practical perspective. We are an online services company, and for clients to do business with us online, they have to trust us. Seeing that your service provider takes privacy seriously is an important part of building trust.

Of course, a privacy policy is only as valuable as the implementation. A few of you who know me may be chuckling here – hey, its what I’d call a healthy level of paranoia! As the saying goes, just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. A particular event at the local library gave me a clue a line was being crossed. The library had just implemented a new computer system for borrowers, and wanted to keep a drivers licence number on record. A driver’s licence, along with name and address? Hadn’t they heard of identity theft? Even though I just wanted to let the librarian know why I wouldn’t leave my DL#, I noticed both of my daughters trying to melt into the floor… one of those father-daughter moments – be cool!

Anyway, we take privacy seriously here. Any business providing services online needs to take it seriously.

The superseded policy can be reviewed Superseded PublicityShip Privacy Policy, as of 6 Nov 2006here.