Transparent marketing

WaterThis is a phrase that has popped up several times recently in the marketing and small business blogs I monitor each day.

It’s at the heart of our business and right at the marketing edge as consumers become increasingly cynical towards “opaque marketing” such as advertising and spin.

Thankfully it seems to be a healthy cynicism – one that rejects suspect messages and embraces honest ones without labelling them naive.

Try this:

  • Be authentic and straightforward – no manipulation or exaggeration.
  • Be totally human in admitting your mistakes and weaknesses while showing how you are learning through them.
  • Allow quality to speak for itself through word-of-mouth.
  • Converse with your clientele by embracing social media, rather than talking AT them, billboard-style.

These qualities enable others to journey with you and come to trust you. Do they make you more vulnerable? Probably. That’s where product quality and service delivery come in – you have to be able to step up to the mark. And that’s a good thing.
Transparent marketing isn’t a difficult concept to grasp. In fact, it’s what used to happen before we became cynical in a bad way – convinced that the only way to sell was through manipulation.

There are still hoards of old-school marketers out there who firmly believe that opaque marketing works best.

Don’t believe them. Believe this study by Marketing Experiments.