The virtues of publicity

Publicity requires faith, patience and commitment.

Advertising brings instant gratification.

Ross Wallace WAPPA winning entry

We ran a publicity campaign back in June and July for the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Publicity has been phenomenal, yet some of the coverage has yet to appear.

Magazines that publish quarterly or bi-annually will sometimes sit on a story for a couple of issues if it’s not time-sensitive, which means a long wait and lots of nail-biting.

But when the coverage comes, it has enough impact to blow advertising out of the water.

The photography campaign enjoyed local and national coverage in mainstream and specialist media, and it keeps on coming. This week we saw coverage in Scoop magazine, and Flourish has a full page coming out in its November issue – a full five months after the release.

So if it’s instant gratification you’re after – advertise – but don’t expect the same return on investment.

Photo: Ross Wallace, student category winner