The domino effect of online news

Seen yourself in the local paper lately? Feel good? Before you sit back and bask in your fame, check whether the story is also appearing online. Otherwise your content won’t go much further than the paper’s immediate readership.

This might be enough for a micro-business servicing a tight local area, but in our experience, most businesses – whatever their size – can benefit from reaching a much wider audience.

We always submit our press releases to online news sites and post them on our own site to attract online searchers and browsers. There are both dedicated news sites such as and and specialist sites with news sections.

Many print publications have an online version and feed into one another, while broadcast news is becoming challenged by user-generated sites like YouTube – something you have to take seriously if your target audience is within the Y generation.

Getting your content onto these sites will help to bring you higher up in the search rankings more often, and there’s the domino effect that doesn’t come from traditional media so quickly.

For example, as one of the most respected news sites for the travel industry, eTravel Blackboard content gets picked up by numerous other travel sites, spreading news around the industry and the travel community at large. And this can happen very fast.

Two of our Hidden Jewel winners now have their press releases on this site (Anangu Waai! and Bookabee Tours), and it will be interesting to watch the domino effect in action.

So if you’re after the domino effect and your local newspaper doesn’t have an online component, consider a different media outlet next time, and look at specialist news sites too.