Ten Reasons Bloggers Can Help The Environment – Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Blog action day is an experiment in the power of a very new media – blogs. Blogs are very different to most print media – they are not as dependent on advertising revenue to exist. Blogs provide a lot more freedom to write about topics that don’t necessarily serve the interests of advertisers or big publishers.

Because bloggers are not as dependent on advertising revenue as newspapers are, we can encourage people to consume less, and not tread on the toes of our advertisers.

Bloggers do not depend on donations from wealthy sponsors as political parties may do. So bloggers are able to advocate for the environment rather than the interests of a lobby group.

Bloggers do not have to report on what already exists, but are free to explore sustainable possibilities.

Bloggers are innovators, willing to connect with other and share ideas. In this way bloggers can encourage a co-operative rather than competitive model of solving environmental problems.

Bloggers know how to network – how to connect like minded people and get things to happen.

Bloggers can communicate quickly with their audiences and in this time of global crisis action is needed right now.

Bloggers know their audience and know how to write about environmental issues so that everyone can participate in change.

Bloggers are individual thinking people who want a future. We are free from the pressures faced by corporations with balance sheets, governments with voters, media with ratings and pressure groups with short term agendas.

Bloggers have demonstrated that they can adapt to new technology. It is likely they can embrace and encourage the changes in thinking that will stop global warming.

Bloggers are many. We have the numbers to bring about change.

I urge all bloggers to realize the power of this new media and consider ways in which you might inspire your audience to participate in political and personal changes to stop global warming. Blog action day is just the beginning.

Postcript: check out The Web Is Coming Alive, at The Action Blog to see what else is happening on Blog Action day.

3 Responses to “Ten Reasons Bloggers Can Help The Environment – Blog Action Day”

  1. Avatar for Joe B Joe B says:

    Amen! All true and all we have to do is get involved … too easy!

  2. Avatar for SimoneM SimoneM says:

    As always you sum up the current feeling.
    I want these Ten Ways tattooed on my arm – or maybe Julia could help me sew them on to a banner :)
    We should never forget that with influence comes responsibility and we all need to play a part in creating positive change.

  3. Avatar for Nina Nina says:

    It is really important to post things related to the environment on blogs in general, as they are a great way of communication nowadays!

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