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Online Marketing for Tourism – Our New Site

Blue starfishGlenn has just announced the launch of our new online marketing site, Now it’s my turn! is another brand new site dedicated to providing online marketing resources for small tourism businesses.

If this is you, take a look at the site and have a browse. It’s designed to help you decide what you need to be doing to get in front of of the rapidly increasing number of online browsers looking for travel experiences.

We have a series of articles, self-help guides and information on services we provide. For those who aren’t sure why online marketing matters so much, start by reading The New Rules of Online Marketing for Tourism.

I’m also encouraging lots of feedback, so don’t hesitate to leave comments, fill in our “Tell Us What You Think” form or email me.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why the starfish – this is emerging as our OM4Tourism symbol. The five legs correspond to the five online marketing tools we recommend: Keyword Analysis, Content Marketing, Search Marketing, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

All these – and how they apply to your marketing process – are explained in more detail on the new site.