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Achieving your 15 minutes of fame: is this really effective publicity?

press camerasMedia exposure is great – but not if it’s achieved for its own sake.

When you put together your media contact list, think carefully about your target audience. Who are they, where are they, what are they likely to be reading or listening to when they are most open to your products / services, and who do they trust?

Getting a spot in The Age is fantastic – but not if you’re target audience is overseas. Being seen on morning TV is a real buzz – but only if your audience is at home in the mornings.

This is obvious – but it’s only the first step in narrowing down your list. Not only should you stick to the media most likely to be accessed by your audience, but you can also seek out less ‘public’ media with a more direct reach.

For example, one of our contacts was trying to reach a particular retail segment, so he placed a flier in their industry newsletter for just $200. OK it’s not free editorial, but he had reached his audience for a fraction of the cost of more general consumer advertising.

We have also achieved free publicity in regional newsletters because the content was directly relevant to – and genuinely useful for – the readership. In this case, the newsletter editors didn’t see our request as a plea for free promotion, but a helpful piece of information.

What’s great about this kind of publicity is that you’re going directly into media that is already trusted by your niche audience, and you’re getting to them directly via their physical or online mailbox.

No 15 minutes of fame on national TV or newspapers, but potentially much more effective.