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Publicising your Festival or Event

Rosalie Writers FestivalInvolved in a festival or event and looking for a low cost way to publicise it?

Creating an event site based on a blog is a simple and effective way of doing this. Our local primary school is running the bi-annual Rosalie Writers Festival.

Jane and I helped set up the blog being used the festival. Now while we know what we are doing, keep in mind that a blog can be set up for free by anyone. And that includes web site pages to provide information about the event.

The blog being used by Rosalie allows different members of the organising committee, participating writers and students to contribute to the site. While it isn’t trying to promote the festival – as in selling tickets or anything like that – it easily could be.

A blog is a useful – and enduring – way of getting information about your festival or event out there. And that is what publicity is all about.