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Convincing Editors with $ in their Eyes

There is no doubt publishers have their own eyes on the main game – revenue. David Welford’s recent comment reflects a thought that inevitably enters your mind when looking to maximise publicity.

If you are newsworthy, your story helps a publisher makes money. If you are an advertiser, your ad makes them money.

A strong story will get coverage, if the story isn’t as strong (or if the editor is spoilt for choice) then maybe a story from one of their advertisers has an edge.

So if you want to maximise your chances of coverage with a particular publication then look at it this way:

  • if your story is very strong – unique or first of a kind, good human interest, great images – they pitch it to an editor who will be interested in the story
  • if your story is likely to be one option of many for an editor, maybe consider becoming an advertiser before pitching your story

Becoming an advertiser is a way of getting some attention, if only in a small way, and is quite different to paying for editorial. But getting an editor’s attention can be hard at times, so if it helps, why not?

And who knows, you may even get some value out of the ad.