We started this business as Release-Writer, but now its time for a change. The level of interest in business blogging is higher than we thought (or dared to hope) it would be. And it turns out that writing the release isn’t the most imporant part of what we do in the news release process anyway.

So after bouncing it around for a week (and playing find-the-available-domain-name) Jane came up with PublicityShip. We think small business publicity is very different to traditional PR, and deserves a better name. The ship suffix is great. It could suggest a quality or condition (like companionship or fellowship), or a certain status achieved (like citizenship, ambassadorship or chairmanship). Or perhaps small business publicity is a skill like entrepeneurship? (Thank you to the Oxford American Dictionaries on my trusty Mac).

Well, we’ll claim all of the above, and one more. A SHIP is a Seriously Helpful Intelligent Person. When you engage us, you are getting the services of seriously helpful people who will intelligently turn their efforts to publicising your small business. We look forward to working with you.

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