PublicityShip uses Rimuhosting for WordPress

Rimuhosting LogoPeriodically I get asked about how we manage all of our client blogs and online marketing websites. So here is a bit of technical explanation of what we do.

PublicityShip uses virtual private servers (VPS) from Rimuhosting for our WordPress and WordPressMU sites. Our clients share the same platform we use for our own site. Rimuhosting are based out of New Zealand, but offer VPS hosts in Australia, the US and Europe. Their support is excellent, and the servers are reliable. They don’t make a song and dance about their support for WordPress, but its all there.

Using a VPS for WordPress works really well if you want to run your own installation. Shared hosting is the most common form of hosting. Issues can arise however, particularly if the hosting provider limits access to DNS or has security settings that make some plugins impossible to use. These problems compound if you are using WordPressMU.

Dedicated servers are also used, but recognised to be expensive. I’ve seen a lot of discussion about WordPress hosting on the various forums, and am surprised that the VPS option isn’t more widely used. You get all the flexibility of a dedicated host, but without the cost. And when the day arrives that you need a dedicated server, you can migrate your VPS onto its own host with only a small management overhead.

To run your own server install for WordPress on a VPS or dedicated server, you should have (or have access to) a reasonable level of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and security expertise. And expect to pay more than shared hosting. With your own VPS or dedicated server, you will have the maximum degree of flexibility in relation to themes, plugins and integration with other applications.

For us, this means we have been able to add in a lot of features for our sites to support various online marketing strategies. Its a very important part of our extended PublicityShip business model.

For the record, I don’t have any affiliate arrangement with Rimuhosting. But I do recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and helpful VPS provider.