Publicity 3 times more effective than advertising?

Tourism NSW have an interesting perspective published on their website on the effectiveness of publicity as compared to advertising: “Editorial is generally accepted to be three times more powerful than any other marketing tool in terms of influencing the consumer decision-making process. “

The full article Publicity: working with the media is worth a read, in particular what they have to say about understanding ‘who is my public?’ and ‘developing a story pitch’. But what caught my attention was the ‘three times’ line.

I’ve seen a few people have a go at trying to quantify publicity vs advertising, but in practice its not something I think needs to be quantified. Bottom line is most people in small business I talk to believe strongly that publicity is better, simply because it is obvious to them. One of my all time favourite pieces of ‘evidence’ about this is an article by Simon Sineck Why Don’t Ad Agencies Advertise.

An even more detailed analysis is provided by Al Ries and Laura Ries in The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR.

But for now I’m happy to say thanks to Tourism NSW for their perspective – nothing but wholehearted agreement from me!