PR and Advertising and the Web

Recently I presented at the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s annual conference. The New Media session was arranged by the PRIA Young Guns.

The YouTube copy of the presentation is below.

The rules of marketing and PR have changed. But the way people think about PR hasn’t changed anywhere near as much. Mike Moran sums it up very neatly is his post on Public Relations Pros and Internet Marketing:

public relations folks don’t consider what they do marketing”.

In the new world of PR, quality link builders are emerging as the equivalent of PR professionals. The online world presents an increasing number of mediated channels to an audience, and the best way to reach them is to earn a link. The skills applied by professional link builders are remarkably similar to those used by PR professionals when they are pursuing coverage.

The skills used in online advertising are not that similar to those used by traditional advertising agencies however, but they are very similar to those used by direct marketing professionals.

The new world of PR and advertising is new and yet old at the same time.

PRIA Young Guns New Media Presentation Part 1
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PRIA Young Guns New Media Presentation Part 2
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