Online marketing and the Three Rs

Mike Moran has written an excellent piece on the Three R’s of Web Marketing.

Be relevant, real and responsive. I like the headline too much to try and add a fourth point. So I’d like to extend the definition of Real to include real emotion and real stories. Yes people want facts, but they also buy based on stories and emotion. I’m not talking spill-your-guts emotional slews across your website, but the use of words that evoke real emotion, and the use of stories that people connect to. This part of real is a critical part of online marketing.

Final point – Mike uses the term Web Marketing.

For me, Internet Marketing means the wild frontier, full of internet marketers selling internet marketing products to budding internet marketers. Online marketing is more grown up version – real-marketing meets the new wave. Online Marketing is the term I like to use.

Mike uses Web Marketing, and I wonder whether it is different yet again. The terms appear on Google in a ratio of approximately 7:5:1. Is Web Marketing different to Online Marketing?