OBO will be the next acronym you need to learn about

You wouldn’t have heard about OBO yet. But my guess is you will.

OBO In Google Jan 2 2007
Googling OBO on Jan 2, 2007

We need an acronym like OBO to stand for Online Business Optimisation (or optimization if you prefer). A lot of small businesses are having to coming to grips with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – because when your business is online you just have to.

Compare OBO (a fledgling acronym) to its fully fledged partner, SEO:

But the availability of SEO services are only a part of the picture.

To run a business online, you need:
An online prescence -> then traffic to your site -> then conversations with your prospects -> then conversion to customers -> then follow up.

SEO helps with traffic, that is all. So I’m going to call 2007 as the year of OBO. OBO will of course include SEO, and help a business optimise itself online across each of these stages. OBO needs copywriting skills, in spades. SEO already recognises that it needs more copywriting, and as OBO takes hold, copywriters are going to find themselves more in demand than ever.

There are already a few companies positioning themselves as experts in Online Business Optimisation (and yes, a lot more for Online Business Optimization). But nobody has coined the acronym. Something must be wrong in the acronym supply chain – are Gartner/Meta/Hurwitz asleep at the wheel?

I’m off to outline the OBO Book :)

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