Ningaloo Blue and their new site

Ningaloo Reef Whale SharkNingaloo Blue has gone live with the Ningaloo Blue Adventure, their new blog-enabled website. Its peak season right now up at Ningaloo, with lots of whale sharks in attendance. Read Kat’s latest blog entry to get the latest.

The site has been launched in parallel with their existing website. Why have two websites? Well, we will be measuring how effective each of the websites is in terms of drawing traffic, establishing a conversation (initially email subscriptions) and converting readership to bookings.

Naturally the existing website has a head start (the new site has only just been launched, and has been indexed already), so its going to be interesting to see the comparative performance.

Our focus has been on getting the content right. The main objective of the site is to generate bookings for tours. We did some research into where those bookings might come from, both in terms of geography and also buyer personas. Then we did our keyword research, and sifted through the evidence. We know the keywords that drive the current traffic, and we were able to contrast this with new keyword sources.

The site provides a lot of information for prospective visitors to Ningaloo. It also provides a great target for search engines looking for result pages on specific keyword searches. The organic search results will naturally take time to materialise – six to twelve months is realistic. But we have also started triallling some search marketing with Google AdWords. Analysis of the site will be undertaken with Google Analytics and Advanced Web Rankings.

For now, bookings are being fed to the old website. Potentially a direct booking form may improve conversion on the new site, however we’ll get a view on traffic and conversions first.

As a blog-enabled website, it has been designed to get Ningaloo Blue up and running with:

  • Search Marketing (PPC) – AdWords search campaign based on keyword research
  • Content Marketing – blog facility to add ongoing content about the tour experiences, with RSS and email subscription facilities. Ningaloo Blue can add new web pages or update existing pages whenever they want.

In addition, the site is online marketing enabled, meaning it is ready for:

  • Email Marketing – the site has self-managed facilities to enable email subscription boxes to be added (menu bar or sidebar, as well as within a page). With an AWeber autoresponder account, Ningaloo Blue can easily add multi-part emails, for example, to educate about the wide variety of adventure travel opportunities in and around Exmouth.

We’ll describe a few more of the features in subsequent posts.

Can’t wait to see how the visitors respond to it. Please drop on by and let us know what you think!