New services in the pipeline

Wow. January has been a cracker for us at PublicityShip. I’ll give you a brief update.

Publicity services are changing. We started our business with a press release service, and quickly added services around that to cover planning, distribution and monitoring. We’re just launching a new service called Get Newsworthy. We’ve had a few situations where the best angle we can come up with isn’t good enough to warrant attention in the target media. So, we are borrowing from Guy Kawasaki who advises (I think from The Macintosh Way, but its a lot of years ago) that if all seems grim, ‘get better reality’. Our Get Newsworthy service is all about helping small business figure out ways to do things differently and become more newsworthy.

New online marketing services are about to be released. Our publicity and blogging services are useful tools for companies that want to get their message out. Running an online business now opens up an incredibly wide range of marketing options. So we plan to offer services in bite size chunks, building on our journalism and copywriting skills.

Registrations have continued to come through for the PublicityShip Hidden Jewel Awards. We are approaching 300 entries. We didn’t have any real idea of how many would enter, but this is a fantastic result. Jane has worked her magic in terms of getting the message out to all the right places. We get a buzz out of hearing from so many small tourism ventures around Australia.

We are working with a significant proportion of clients from NSW and Victoria at the moment – not surprising really. Its a great sign for us, new clients are approaching us directly from the web, with a good understanding of what we do and what they want.

Our new email based publicity course is steadily building subscribers. We aren’t getting feedback from everyone, but those who have told us about their experience have been really positive. Its an 8 part series, and we were worried it would be too long. Feedback to date has been its spot on. After we launched ours, I noticed that Joan Stewart at PublicityHound recently launched an email publicity course as well. Her material is always very interesting, and at 89 parts, this is one of the longest autoresponder courses I’ve heard of. I’m thinking we will see more resources of this nature appear.

Paul and Jenny’s blog is coming along hugely. Traffic is growing consistently, and they are getting new bookings directly from the site. Once we have enough stories collected, we will help publish their first eBook. Julia and I really enjoyed a comment from Jenny last week “I’ve been so busy today I haven’t had a chance to look at AdWords”. Paul and Jenny have a small (but very effective) AdWords campaign running, and are both expert with Google Analytics.

Angie and Shelley at Mardon are so busy its just amazing. They are operating a flourishing recruitment company in a boom economy, so its not a surprise. Blogging for recruitment is a lot harder than we thought. We’ve talked about what we can do differently – content is key. A trail is definitely being blazed here.

Janet Shaw’s blogs are both travelling exceptionally well. For some reason Google took quite a lot longer to index than it did to index While we aren’t pure SEO specialists, we pride ourselves on our sites having strong SEO fundamentals, so its surprising to see a delay like this. I am constantly inspired by Janet’s determination to get past barriers – she does this with her sport, her writing, and her approach to blogging.

New blogs that we are working on include an integrated photography blogsite, and we’ve advised recently on a number of startups. I feel the WordPress platform is on a growth curve of extraordinary proportions – now I’m no statistician, but surely Google Trends on blog platforms suggests there is some basis to this. I’m convinced that many people haven’t realised exactly what WordPress has achieved in terms of bringing together a blog platform with a content management system. Sure it might not be the *best* content management system in the world – but its very good. Very good coupled with very easy coupled with an open source community tells me that WordPress is going to dominate blogging and user-editable websites (in fact, they will merge). Pity you can’t buy shares in it.

Our publicity work is going full tilt right now – travel, fashion, cosmetics, and personal coaching are some of the main industries.

For a new business (well, we’re nearly a year old now), this is just such an exciting period. Making sure we are able to grow and maintain our level of service is going to be tough. We rely heavily on our freelance journalists and writing skills, so we have to keep on getting better at finding good freelancers and getting their skills applied at the right time and the right place. If you know of journalists who might like to do some additional freelance work, please get them to contact us, we would love to hear from them.

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  1. Avatar for Simone Simone says:

    Exciting times guys, sounds like it’s going very well! :)

    I totally agree about WordPress being great (not that I can compare to anything else! :D )

  2. Avatar for Glenn Glenn says:

    Thanks Simone. I really like the way your site is developing – great source of current info!

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