Networking to build links

Russell Barton, a Master Photographer started his photography blog and has done very well with it. Its getting him in touch with people who matter to him – paying clients. Russell is one of those bloggers who have a natural ‘voice’. And Russell also talks with his pictures. He tells a story, and his words and photos both assist.

Anyway, Russell is also a natural at something that is *more* important than having a natural blogging voice – he is a natural networker. Now I know Russell is a networker (because I met him through BNI), but he is now moving that networking skill online. Networking online in the blog community is very important for blogging A listers. Now A list bloggers write great content (that search engines and people love), and through their content network very well and that leads to back-links (that search engines and people love).

Building relationships online not only leads to linkages, but a lot of other opportunities as well. New business ventures. New knowledge. New friendships.

There are some interesting people talking about the real-politik of blog networking. In polite company, its called link building. Pragmatists talk about link-bait and other such techniques. But the no-shitake-call-it-how-it-is set talk about – only somewhat tongue in cheek – how bloggers ‘suck up’ to each other.

It would be nice if it was possible to build an audience/links etc on the merit of content alone, but if you take the top bloggers word for it, there is a lot of networking activity required. Here are some very good bloggers who tell it how it is:

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