Micro Bats and Night Tigers – six tips on using photographs for your publicity campaign

Undara Experience - Snake catching a bat thumbnailI love pictures that tell a story. And this picture does that in spades. (click on the picture for a larger version).

Undara Experience is to be found in far north Queensland. The Undara Lava Tubes are famous around the world, but not as well known is the remarkable life and death game played by the Micro Bats and the local brown snakes, called the Night Tigers. The Night Tigers congregate in the trees at the entrance to the lava tubes, and when the bats fly out, the snakes strike. Incredible.

Finding good photos like this one will really help you get publicity. But there are photos and then there are photos. What makes for a good publicity photo?

Here are six tips on how to use photographs in a way that will help your publicity campaign.

People Including people in the image helps the viewer imagine themselves ‘there doing that’. The suggestion of movement is also far more compelling than a static image. Eye contact between model and viewer is magnetic.
Tell the Story Reflect the essence of your story simply, with no more than two main elements.
Unusual Use an unusual angle for added impact.
Put The Reader in the Picture Take the photo from the reader’s point of view. This way, the editor can use the image to help put the reader in the picture.
Colour vs Black and White If you are targeting newspapers, finding an image that works in colour and black and white helps your chance of having it covered.
Quality Make sure the images are sharp, well composed and the right quality for print. In technical terms, this means 300dpi size as (A5 is a good rule of thumb). You will also need to have them available in low resolution (72dpi) for emailing in the first instance