Methods that are helping tourism businesses acquire overseas customers

Cable Beach fishingRead about the challenges faced by small tourism businesses marketing to the world – and ways to overcome them – in my new article. I will post in more detail on each of the marketing issues tackled in the article. But for the impatient, here’s a link to the full version: Marketing Niche Accommodation & Tours to Overseas Visitors.

The challenges and solutions come from 12 tourism operators plus my own experience of working with tourism and small businesses in general.

If you are faced with other marketing challenges that aren’t mentioned in the article, if you’d like to add ideas from your own experience – or if the ‘solutions’ don’t cut the mustard for you – please feel free to add a comment to my posts or contact me directly.

Thanks to the following tourism operators for their input:
Sharyn Rogers, Seppeltsfield Vineyard Cottage
Tony & Julie Smith, Rawnsley Park Station
Miriam Cooper, Granny Rhodes & Mulberry Cottage
Jason Miller, Rich & Lingering
Wendy Deighton, A River Bed
Jane Morgan, Cosmos Centre & Observatory
Anne Grebert, Anangu Waai!
Phil Walcott, The Rainbow Connection
Elizabeth Fleetwood, Hobart Historic Tours
Fiona Reddaway, Bright Brewery
Jeff Rivendell, Huon Valley Apple & Heritage Museum
Neil Schults, Prime Mini Tours

I’ll be writing profiles of each of these businesses for our new site devoted to online marketing for tourism – a work in progress, soon to be launched.

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  1. Avatar for Tim Kottek Tim Kottek says:

    International Marketing!
    On October 15th we were in Canada, on that date we got our first international booking from our site.
    Small world – we were in Calgary from September 24th to October 5th, the booking came from Calgary.
    While we were showing off our site to relatives in Calgary, there was a guest also having their needs catered for – Google Analytics is a great source of information.
    Nice work publicity ship & thanks, now it will be back to work!

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