Launching OM4 for our Online Marketing services

OM4 LogotypeBack in July 2006 Jane posted on the topic PublicityShip?. We had just changed our name from Release Writer (our first name, from March 2006) to PublicityShip.

We think small business publicity is very different to traditional PR, and deserves a better name.

Well online marketing is very different even to our ‘New Rules of Marketing & PR’ blend of online and offline publicity. So we are creating a new business name to operate under.

The new business is OM4. The name was chosen because its nice and short, and not hard to spell :)

OM4 is a good name because there are four powerful tools associated with online marketing:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

We haven’t forgotten Keyword Analysis, its just that we can’t give it a snappy name like the others (Keyword Marketing isn’t right). And then it would be OM5 (see below).

OM4 is also a good name because we could then launch OM4Tourism, which is of course Online Marketing For Tourism. This is where we apply everything we know about online marketing to help smaller tourism operators get their story out to the world. Jane will do a full post launching OM4Tourism soon.

So if you are interested in improving your online marketing, subscribe to OM4 by email or RSS. I’ll be doing a series of posts designed to help business owners and those responsible for running online marketing to understand what resources are available to them, and how they can get more value out of their online marketing efforts.

Also what do you think of our new OM4 logo? What does it say to you, could it be improved?