Keeping up with Hidden Jewel registrations

Hidden Jewel logo

What Jane and I thought would be a gentle launch of the PublicityShip Hidden Jewel Awards has turned out to be anything but. Thanks to the efforts of some very helpful regional travel organisations, the word spread and registrations of interest from potential entrants have started to come in very quickly. Registrations are coming from every state & territory.

To make sure we can keep up with demand while keeping records about opt-in decisions (a requirement to be able to send award information via email), we’ve set up a more efficient response mechanism. We’ve chosen an email management service called Aweber because they automate the whole process of letting people register their email address, collecting opt-in confirmation, providing an easy way to unsubscribe … there are lots of details involved! They take email privacy very seriously, which is important to us.

Like any web based business that starts to deal with a lot of clients, efficient use of business systems is critical.

Will keep you posted about Hidden Jewel as we progress. Entries close on 31 Jan 2007.