Is your website building your business?

You know that online marketing is essential to your business – but did you know that many websites are no more effective than brochures piled up in a warehouse?

Imagine you’re off on a fishing trip to capture that ever-elusive barramundi.

You’re enjoying the beautiful weather, the stunning scenery, the lapping of water against the boat – but you’re not catching a thing – not even a nibble. Yet there’s another guy in another boat across the bay hauling in one after another.

Why? Simply because he’s done his research and he knows where the barra are biting.

It’s like that with a website.

You can put thousands into a new and beautiful site – but it’s unlikely to get more than a few nibbles (visits), even fewer bites (enquiries) and virtually no catches (bookings).

So how do you get your website in the right place? How do you get it in front of your target audience so that they find you, bite and book?

That’s where online marketing makes the difference between having a brochure in the warehouse, and having a dynamic presence that builds your business.

So if you’re planning to revamp your site, want to know more about marketing online, or want to upgrade your site with online marketing tools built in, get in touch with us.

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