How to turn a worthy story into a newsworthy one

When I talk with clients wanting to get their message into the media via a press release campaign, one of my first tasks is to get tough.

Finding a message that’s newsworthy – i.e. one that is attractive enough to persuade editors, producers, journalists to run editorial or devote airtime to you – is a tough job for most businesses. Yet the success of a press release campaign rides on it.

So as you develop your message and write your news release, be tough with yourself. Keep on asking yourself the same question – who cares? And make sure you can answer it –

“This group of people will care because my service answers a ‘want’ among this particular group that isn’t yet being met … / addresses an issue that hasn’t yet been tackled effectively … / taps into a hot new trend that can be used as the main focus … / rides on a surprising statistic that is likely to grab attention.”

Still struggling? Here are five ideas for turning a worthy message about your business into a newsworthy one:

1. Keep an eye out for new publications or articles revealing evidence-based research or statistics that support the need for your product or service.
2. Tailor your product or service to suit a particular segment of your market and launch it.
3. Establish a new partnership or affiliation with a complementary business.
4. Initiate an event such as a competition, or sponsor a charitable event.
5. Invite a local celebrity to use your product or service and agree to be photographed.