Hidden Jewel judges pick out publicity gem

RiverFly boatRiverFly Tasmania is the national winner in the OM4Tourism Hidden Jewel Awards 2008.

The Awards are for small tourism businesses, each state winner receiving an OM4Tourism website with graphic design and keyword analysis.

As the national winner, RiverFly’s Daniel Hackett gets this plus a Publicity Campaign from PublicityShip.

Among the judges were Getaway executive producer, John Walsh, and Australian Traveller publisher, Quentin Long. These guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to potential media material.

RiverFly has the chance to attract attention for three reasons:


Visual imagery is vital to the media, and Daniel has access to some amazing images through photographer and fellow angler Brad Harris.

Daniel and Brad have produced a coffee table book, bringing together Daniel’s river guiding experience with Brad’s photos – not only will these inspire the media to see the potential in the story, but Brad has agreed to supply some of his images to run alongside editorial. This can seal the decision to run with a story.


Expertise is valuable to the media too. Daniel has experience and knowledge that few others possess, and this is an opportunity for the media to tap into this resource and offer their readers and viewers something unique.


RiverFly has also come up with a different angle on fishing and adventure tourism – bringing the two together to create a brand new experience that taps into what the target audience – stressed out professionals and executives – is looking for. They want to escape – not just for a bit of fishing, but for a wilderness adventure that takes them completely out of themselves and their demanding lives.

Daniel has capitalised on this demand and the World Heritage wilderness of Tasmania’s northern riverlands, using his expertise as the catalyst. The result is a cleverly designed product that is nevertheless infused with integrity.

We are looking forward to working with RiverFly on their Publicity Campaign.