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Since we launched, I’ve been constantly refining the online marketing approach we use for our publicity offerings. The biggest change occurred over the Christmas break in the form of an improved ‘long copy’ description of our services. At the same time, we introduced an autoresponder based education series covering the material from our publictity workshops. This has led to a definite increase in the traffic to our website and our conversion rate, and a range of interesting new clients.

The online marketing approach we use is finding its way into our service line. I am finding that in talking to clients about the kind of on-line marketing we are doing they want to add this into their site as well. Some are keen to launch a new site altogether. When I am talking about on-line marketing I am talking about key word research, adwords campaigns, dedicated landing pages, education via email auto responders and effective offer pages … etc. Its a long list, and helping people understand these marketing tools and how to use them takes more than one conversation.

Putting these elements together into fixed price services that our clients can tap is what I am currently working on.

I’ve been involved in sales and marketing of services for fifteen years. What is currently happening is a change of the rules of marketing for services. The on-line environment offers real opportunities for small players. This is one of those periods of time when everything about sales and marketing is changing. This is not always clear for people who are in the middle of it. Personally I find it very exciting. I’d be interested to hear whether you are getting a sense of these changes too.

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  1. Hi Glen,

    Love the blog and enjoyed the recent article on the Long Tail. I am also absolutely excited by the changes that are ocurring in the whole online world. I’d really be interested in your thoughts about pricing services. I too am going through the very same process of trying to systemise my services into a fixed price approach but I often find that conflicts with a desire to price on the value that I can bring to a client.

    I’ve just added you to my RSS reading list and am looking forward to your future insights.

  2. Avatar for Glenn Glenn says:


    Nice comment, and good question about pricing services. I’ve definitely got some thoughts to share, see post.


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