Getting the most out of your press release

It’s great to see some of our clients really making their press releases work hard for them. Once we’ve prepared a release for a client, they are free to do whatever they want with it, from hanging a framed copy in the dunny to worldwide distribution!

We distribute releases to a carefully targeted list of media contacts, and our results speak for themselves. Even so, it’s worth being opportunistic with your release.

One of our tourism clients took copies to a trade show, resulting in an Australian tourism commission PR manager in Europe picking up on the story and distributing it to her media contacts there.

There are also opportunities to make use of a release when you are contacted by advertising departments wanting you to part with hard-earned dollars. Send them the release with thumbnail images and you may get editorial as well – which is generally considered to be significantly more effective than advertising.

Press releases don’t always have to go direct to the press either. Include them in promotional packs, send them to potential distributors or wholesalers, and post them on your site for customers to read. A well written release provides good, informative content that helps to build knowledge and trust.