Finding the Hidden Jewels

Hidden Jewel logoThe PublicityShip Hidden Jewel Awards have just been launched. The awards are designed to assist a small tourism operator who has a great story, but for whatever reason hasn’t been able to get their story out. The winner gets a publicity campaign that operates over almost a full year, planning and executing four major story initiatives targeting major travel publications and programmes. They also get a travel blog.

Cable Beach fishingThe feedback has been fantastic. Jane spent quite a bit of time putting together the awards, and drew on her travel industry colleagues for help in the judging. Channel 9 Postcards, AAT Kings and Australian Traveller magazine will each provide a judge to work with Jane on the judging panel. Here is what they have had to say about the awards:

We are constantly on the lookout for innovative new products that offer a top quality experience for travellers looking to get out and explore Australia. Les Cox, CEO, AAT Kings

Australian Traveller is delighted to support any project that helps small and worthy tourism businesses to stand out from the crowd… Hidden Jewel is a little gem of an idea. You can be sitting on the greatest product in the world, but without an effective way to get your voice out there, you’re going to struggle every inch of the way. Greg Barton, Editor, Australian Traveller

It is a credit to PublicityShip to create a concept that encompasses our philosophy on tourism promotion … every day in our travels we meet small tourism operators who work tirelessly to run their business. We certainly understand how difficult it is to ‘spread the word’ and how costly advertising campaigns can be. Alex Ristevski, Channel Nine, Postcards.

There’s quite an investment involved in these awards for us, as we are providing the prizes. That is not just the national winner, but also a single story publicity campaign for each state and territory winner. From our perspective, we are hoping it will help get our story out to travel and tourism operators. So its an investment that we hope will deliver a return all around.

We wrapped up final approvals from Postcards, Australian Traveller and AAT Kings this week, and we have now started distributing the release. Our newsletter also mentioned it. Its great to see such a rapid response! In the space of about an hour this morning, we got 10 registrations of interest in the awards. We expect to see surges of interest as the different regional tourism groups start to spread the word. And of course we are hoping for some media coverage. There are no guarantees here, we’ll just have to wait and see whether the court of media opinion deems the Hidden Jewel Awards newsworthy enough.