Eurisko – Affiliate Marketing is smart public relations

The internet changed public relations forever. Because it changed the way people get information.

Don’t get me wrong, print and broadcast media are still very important. But we now have to consider internet media in our public relations mix as well.

Internet press releases have similarities and differences to print/broadcast press releases. The main difference being that you can talk direct to your consumer.

But the internet has created many other channels to use for public relations. Content marketing (using blogs and social media) should by now be firmly in your awareness (and if it isn’t, please come and talk to us over at OM4).

Affiliate marketing isn’t usually associated with public relations. But I think it is smart public relations, and needs to be looked at in a different light.

Consider Mike Bullen, who has just launched his new business Eurisko. Mike shows that affiliate marketing makes sense for business.

Check out the case studies showing how smart tourism marketers are using affiliate marketing to publicise campaigns, build brand awareness and generate leads.

Time to look carefully at how affiliate marketing might fit into your public relations strategy.