Email course – How To Get Publicity For Your Small Business

Yesterday we added a new email based course to our website, the 8 part “How To Get Publicity For Your Small Business”. The material is drawn from the small business publicity workshop Jane has been delivering. Use the link above if you want to sign up, you’ll see the sign up highlighted in yellow.

The email course is available at no charge for now, even though the workshop costs $40. I will keep this monitored. There is a lot of information packed in to this course, which is why it is spread out over 8 parts – makes it a lot more accessible for small business owners.

We’ve upgraded our privacy policy to include what is now close to an Internet standard for email privacy wording: “We respect your email privacy. We will never sell, barter, or rent your email address to any unauthorized third party. Period.” And we’ve added wording to make clear how we work with email lists (using verified opt-in, courtesy of Aweber.

Initial feedback has been very positive, and once we’ve trialled it with some more people we’ll make a bigger announcement. I’m not aware of anything like it, and between Jane, Julia and myself we read pretty widely about online publicity related resources. While we have tailored it to be relevant for an Australian audience, most of it is relevant wherever you are.

Email is a very important part of working with an online business, particularly where the product or service is more complex. What we find is that once business owners understand what we do, they are very keen to use the service. But its not practical to read a lot of information online (particularly if its the first time they have encountered our website). So we are offering an educational service. By understanding the value of publicity and how to get it, business owners are also in a far better position to evaluate whether our services can help them. So everyone benefits.