Effective publicity rests on good content

Fingers on keyboardWe started PublicityShip on the premise that media exposure through story-telling is the best form of marketing for small businesses. At the same time, we included an undercurrent of blogging – something that we believe carries huge potential as a marketing tool for niche enterprises.

These two apparently disparate marketing methods are inextricably linked within our business model as two of the most important ways to acquire customers and build trust.

Their common attributes rest on one fundamental philosophy – good, authentic content is your most powerful marketing weapon.

And effective publicity rests on good content.

Entrepreneur and expert blogger, Seth Godin, goes so far as to question the value of chasing media exposure in How Do We Get One of Those?

From another blogger I might have turned away with a sceptical grunt, but Seth is always worth taking seriously. And he has a point. Media exposure is fantastic – if you can get it. And thankfully we have been pretty successful so far in getting articles about our clients into the print media.

But Seth’s message, as I read it, is that this isn’t the be-all and end-all of content marketing.

The long-term potential lies in the Internet world of blogging, networking, linking, and generally engaging your communities of interest online

By continually producing good, authentic content in a strategic and planned way, you are more likely to attract the customers you want and keep them coming back for more.

The 5 Basic Rules of Internet Marketing briefly outlines the potential of what I prefer to call online content marketing.

There are several ways to harness the potential of the Internet, and this is where our energies at PublicityShip are currently focused – along with our Hidden Jewel Awards, which in themselves are a great example of how direct marketing can work quickly online.

As we build on our business-blogging model, more ideas and services will begin to appear on our site.