Distributing press releases with a personal touch

We’ve been operating our publicity services for just on a year now. When we started, we figured we would be different to many of the public relations companies because we use journalists to develop the angle and write the press release.

But we’ve also developed a distinctive style in another area, and that is press release distribution.

Our main distribution approach for Australian media is very personal. Rather than develop a large media list and use email to send it out widely, we encourage our clients to focus on a small number of specific target media. Six, to be precise (although we can cover as many as required). Our distribution approach involves personal checking for the most appropriate and up to date contact at each of the print/broadcast media outlets involved, sending them the press release (with a personally crafted cover note), and then personally following up.

We will still email press releases to additional contacts from our professional media subscription services, but without the same level of checking and follow up. And where an international press release is involved, we utilise the services of global PR distribution outlets that syndicate releases to thousands of outlets.

So in an era when many press release distribution services offer distribution on a mass scale, we offer press release distribution services with a personal touch. Its part of our ‘house style’, and is designed to deliver better outcomes for our clients.

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