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We’re taking off!

Having joined Release-Writer just one week ago I’m already up and blogging – never thought I’d see the day! But my first tasks have been to get my head around the concept of Release-Writer and to continue spreading the word.

I’m impressed by the amazing success of the concept so far, as recorded in our Customer Gallery. The service is so ridiculously simple that it seems it couldn’t possibly work – after all, PR is something you do through a fancy agency with lots of lunching and frills and bells and whistles. But we’re not claiming to be a PR agency – we simply take a small business’s ‘story’, tell it well and get it published – there’s no better PR than that.

In my experience as a journalist, editorial coverage is highly valued by businesses not only in terms of authenticity, but also because it’s free! And there’s nothing sinister about this. If there’s a good story to tell, the relevant media will want to tell it – no arm-twisting needed.

There are two more reasons for the success of this model. First, we use only experienced journalists to write the stories so the press releases are content-rich and expertly presented to appeal to news editors, and second, we keep our outgoings very low, so we’re not passing on high overheads to our clients.

In fact – shock horror – we don’t pay to advertise Release-Writer at all! Advertising has it’s place, but there are so many ways of getting the word out nowadays, that it’s becoming easier for up-and-coming enterprises to bypass it. We’re continually researching clever ways to use the Internet as well as print and broadcast media – hence the BizBlog model. I’m still on a steep learning curve when it comes to blogging – but here I am braving the blogosphere and posting my first entry. Watch this space …

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