Blogging as part of Australian Govt Policy-Making?

Governments around the world (particularly ours) are known for their slow adaptation of new technologies and policies. Recent OECD figures show Australia ranking a poor 17th out of 30 developed countries for broadband take up.

So it is with great suprise that we see so much attention suddenly being directed at Australia’s internet access and, even more impressive, its planned implementation as part of Government policy making.

“THE Howard Government has unveiled sweeping plans to employ Web 2.0 practices to encourage greater citizen participation in policy-making.

The Minister (Gary Nairn – Special Minister of State) last week launched a set of “Principles for ICT-Enabled citizen engagement” as part of a wider government commitment to support a consistent experience for everyone engaging with the government electronically.”
— CeBIT Australia News

This comes only days after Australian Opposition leader, Kevin Rudd, announces a plan to spend $AU4.7 billion with the private sector on an Australia-wide broadband network!

While I am fortunate enough to live in an area where broadband access isn’t an issue, it is still very encouraging to see how important the government sees Australia’s online future, and shows further how imperative it is that businesses throughout Australia get online and take their place in our global market.