A new client leads us into a new service area

Blogo for Paul & Jenny Geelen

We went live today with a new blogsite for one of our clients, Paul and Jenny Geelen. Paul and Jenny are Ocularists, which means they make prosthetic eyes (or “glass eyes”, to use the well known, if technically inaccurate, term). We’ve been working with Paul and Jenny on several fronts, and what has emerged from this has been truly fascinating.

When we first started talking with Paul & Jenny about their business, it became clear they were exceptionally good at what they do. Consider this: they make prosthetic eyes by hand, and then hand paint them. The test of whether they’ve done a good job? The prosthetic eye moves naturally, is comfortable to wear, and you can’t tell the difference when talking to the person! That is extraordinary, when you consider that when we meet people we look them in they eye. The skill of an Ocularist is both that of a technician (to construct an eye of the right shape and quality) as well as an artist (to hand paint an eye that can fool a human observer).

After discussion, what became clear is that Paul and Jenny’s expertise is potentially of interest to people outside Western Australia. How is this, given they have to be with their clients for many consultations before completing an eye? First of all, Paul & Jenny are starting work collecting the stories of individuals who have have an artificial eye, to help others who may be facing a similar experience. The trauma of losing an eye can be devastating, and access to information about what to expect is something Paul & Jenny want to make a lot easier.

A blog is a great way for Paul and Jenny to let people understand what they really do. For families and friends, as well as individuals adapting to a new eye, information is of enormous value. We are hoping the personal voice enabled by a blog is going to be a good way for Jenny and Paul to convey this information, as well as sharing the stories of their clients (with their full consent, of course).

As the blog takes shape, we are also helping Jenny & Paul publish their client stories online, using an ebook format. This is a great format for the nature of the information, helping get very specific information to a very specific audience. eBooks are likely to become are regular part of our service offering, complementing print/broadcast publicity and blogging. The common thread for us is that they all involve getting an authentic story out to an audience.

We’re looking forward to working with Paul & Jenny in the coming months.