We respect your email privacy.

We will never sell, barter, or rent your email address to any unauthorized third party. Period.

PublicityShip is a responsible member of the Internet community, and is committed to protecting your privacy online.

Personal information. We never rent or sell your email address or other information that identifies you. In fact, we don’t rent or sell personal information at all – its not what we do. So if you provide your email address to subscribe to our newsletter, we aren’t going to pass it around. And if you ask to unsubscribe, we’ll do so.

Verified opt-in for email – If you sign up for further information via email, we will ask for confirmation. This is called “verified opt-in”, and ensures that email addresses cannot be added to our lists without your consent. We use the Aweber email system for our newsletter and other email lists, and pay a lot of attention to complying with not just Australian and US (Can-Spam) law, but also the intent of anti-spam rules.

Information for doing business. When we do business with you, we keep standard business records to support the services we provide to you and comply with local law. We don’t rent or sell personal information. We don’t request or store credit card numbers – if you pay us using PayPal, it is PayPal that you provide your credit card details to. If you are a supplier and ask to be paid by direct bank credit, we will record you bank account details for this purpose alone.

What we publicise. We do sometimes give away information for free however! For good reason. If you provide information to us we are to use as input for publicity (for example, for a press release or to be published in a blog), you can count on us to share this information! Usually this will be in the form of a press release or blog post, and we’ll ask for your approval before it is published. We’ll distribute it (if that is what you have contracted us to do), and maybe post it on our website, blog about it, or include it in our newsletter.

Confidential Information. We won’t make public business information that you may have provided to us and told us is confidential.

Syndication. We won’t sell your articles or stories. If some content is good enough to be sold or syndicated, we may suggest to you that you consider sell or syndicating it. But we won’t. There is one situation where we will sell your stories – if you contract us to prepare eBooks or other similar publications, and the contract stipulates we are involved in selling them. So its up to you.

Website monitoring and cookies. Our website uses WordPress, and we monitor what people do on our website using reputable Internet monitoring tools such as Google Analytics and Feedburner. We also use Google AdWords Conversion Tracking, for example, to see if people actually sign up for our e-courses after learning of them from Google AdWords. For example, we look at number of hits and pageviews, traffic flow, search terms and click throughs. Cookies are used by these tools to track aggregate information about use of our website, as do many reputable Internet businesses. If you want to know more about Cookies, there is a good article on them in Wikipedia, or you can research them elsewhere on the Internet. We don’t serve ads on our site, so we don’t have any third party advertising cookies involved.

Snail mail list. If the nature of your business is such that we think you may be interested in our services, and your business address is published in a public directory or on the Internet, we may add it to our snail mail list. If we do this and you want it taken off, you can do this at any time by contacting us and asking. Once again, we don’t rent or sell any information on this list.

Hidden Jewel Competition. If you enter our Hidden Jewel competition, we will share the information and photos you provide in your entry with the organisations helping us judge the competition. We may make the information and photos you provide to us public to help publicise the competition and your business.

Third parties. Sometimes we use third parties to do work on our behalf, such as hosting our web server, processing credit card payments or managing mail lists. Where we do use third parties, we will take reasonable steps to ensure these parties are restricted from using your information for purposes other than the contracted purpose.

Law enforcement and fraud protection. If we get a request from a law enforcement agency, an organisation involved in fraud protection or credit risk reduction for personal information, and release of the requested information complies with the law or is an appropriate way to protect the rights, property or safety of us, our users or others, we will do so.

Corrections. If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter or any email subscriptions, simply click on the link at the bottom of any of the subscribed emails – this will let you unsubscribe from one list or all our lists. Or you can Contact Us by phone. If you think there are errors in any of the data, Contact Us by any means and we will make the corrections for you.

Effective Date. This privacy policy took effect on Jan 3, 2007. If we change our privacy policy, we will post the changes on our website, and on our company blog.