Broadband for small business means far more than YouTube

With the rise in Broadband availability and speed, services that traditionally relied on face-to-face contact are being purchased online by small business operators in Australia.

The recent debate on Broadband has overlooked an important point. The widespread availability of Broadband for small business means access to game changing online services that go way beyond playing YouTube videos.

This transformation can be seen in the dramatic appearance of born-online companies such as, an online publicity services firm based in Australia.

Traditionally dependent on relationship-building and face-to-face contact, PR is being redefined through online B2B interaction.

After launching in 2006, PublicityShip has built a client list spread right across Australia. It has also achieved page 1 rankings in Google, both globally and in Australia, for those searching for publicity services.

Small business clients are increasingly seeing the benefit of using online publicity services that were cost prohibitive using a traditional approach.

Melbourne-based Australian Business Coaching Club is a case in point. Keen to get the word out about the Club, director Greg Chapman hired the services of PublicityShip. The result was feature coverage for the ABCC in Melbourne’s Herald Sun and Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.

“This generated five times the subscriptions to my website than the previous week,” said Dr Chapman. “And the benefits are still being felt with traffic about double prior to the articles a month later.”

This was achieved without any face-to-face contact.

Most importantly, the success experienced by those clients is proving that online services are capable of changing the way that small businesses operate.

“Our clients have seen coverage in major metro papers, such as the Telegraph, Herald Sun and The Age, lifestyle and travel magazines, regional newspapers, national TV and local radio,” said PublicityShip manager, Jane Hammond Foster.

“In keeping with the strong trend towards online business, we are also seeing great results from distributing news releases online.”

A company that has recently proved the worth and efficiency of online publicity is voice and video chat service, SightSpeed, recently launched in Australia by a Brisbane-based distributor with the assistance of PublicityShip.

Within hours of distributing the release, the client saw coverage in three major online publications: ComputerWorld, PCWorld and ITWire.

“The testimonials we’re collecting are glowing!,” said Hammond Foster. “Our clients come from all around Australia, and those I have met face-to-face are few and far between.”

Another satisfied customer is Sydney-based, who worked with PublicityShip to publicise Australia’s first gay cruise – the result: coverage in the Sunday Age and travel industry magazine, Travel Weekly.

The operator was happy to work via email and phone, keeping their time investment to a minimum and freeing them to get on with running their business.

“By marketing our services online and running the business both online and by phone conference, we can offer highly specialised services to a small business market that were previously not available,” said Hammond Foster.

“The cost of a publicity campaign usually comes in under $1,800. Compare this to a traditional PR company’s fees, or the cost of advertising. This type of online service changes the way small businesses can market themselves.”

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