Get Newsworthy

Is your business interesting enough to make the news? Is it “newsworthy”?

Take off the rose coloured glasses and look at your business through the eyes of the media you want coverage in. Are you newsworthy enough? If you are, get your publicity campaign going!

But if you aren’t newsworthy enough, what can you do about it? Well, maybe you you’ll think being newsworthy is too hard, and decide to spend dollars on advertising and hope for the best. But if you were happy with an approach like that, you probably wouldn’t be reading our website!

Or, you can decide to do something to make yourself more newsworthy. We have a service specifically designed to help you do this – its called Get Newsworthy. If you do make yourself more newsworthy, its an investment that can pay off many times over if it gets you credible media coverage.

There are four stages to our Get Newsworthy service:

  1. Research – we do some research into your specific business. We do a lot of the legwork here, and you’ll help us by answering some questions. What industry are you in, what is newsworthy about it? Where are you based (geography), who are your customers (demographics)
  2. Structured Brainstorming – we hold a brainstorming session with you. This starts off by looking at techniques for making a business newsworthy. We’ll draw on a number of specific approaches we use for many businesses. But we won’t just cover this in general terms – since we’ve done research on your business, we’ll include examples relevant to your business. We will be looking at ways to enhance what you have already got, and also for new ideas.
  3. Reflect – at the end of the brainstorming session, we’ll have a lot of ideas for you. Now its time for you to go through the list and reflect on what is involved.
  4. Planning – now that you’ve thought about the ideas and identified those that are most practical, its time for us to walk through a planning session with you. Here we will help you clarify what you plan to do (and why), and identify the next steps.

At the end of the Get Newsworthy process, you will receive a written report with the action plan documented.