Hosting your blog-enabled website

When you sign up with PublicityShip for your site(s), you can choose to share our hosting environment. For $AUS 60/mth, we get you setup, help you if you don’t understand something, apply security patches as and when they are issued, make sure backups are in place, and generally keep your site running alongside ours (after all, we have to look out for our web presence, so we can also do the same for you). We aren’t a hosting company, but you’ll find for a small business there are a lot of advantages to sharing the same environment we do.

Just about all of our clients with a blog-enabled website share the same hosting environment we do, namely a Linux VPS from Rimuhosting:
Java and Linux VPS Hosting by RimuHosting

About shared and dedicated hosting

If you are interested in getting your own hosting, you’ve got a lot of choices. Basically you can split your choices into two main groups – shared and dedicated environments. Shared environments mean you share a host with many others, but don’t have overall access to the server (‘root access’). Dedicated environments mean you can have root access.

Why would you want one of these? Depends on how you are going to use WordPress and the edition you want to use. Basically you can choose to use WordPress in hosted form, without understand anything about Linux, Apache, MySQL or PHP. Or you can download it and install it for yourself. If you want to understand this topic in more detail, Lorelle goes into some detail explaining the different WordPress software options on her excellent WordPress site.

Shared servers

Shared environments come in a few forms:

  • hosting – if you are looking for each hosting, try, where a hosted blog is free and fully setup for you, and without ads. There are restrictions however, as you can’t install plugins, need to select from the 30 or so provided themes (instead of the thousands available in the wild), and can’t edit your CSS style sheet. For many people, these three points may be significant advantages! Less can be more, if you just want to be blogging. However if you need access to plugins and more customisation for your site (for example, if you are using it for a business), then you may want more flexibility.
  • Shared hosting with ‘1 click install’ but everything locked down (means its very easy to get started, but you may have trouble if you want to modify your theme files, edit your .htaccess file, or install some of the more advanced WordPress plugins. You may not find much advantage here over
  • Shared hosting with some sort of access to modify your server files – its best to ask your potential host provider directly what you can and can’t do in terms of getting access to your server environment. The devil is in the detail here.

Dedicated servers

Shared hosting for WordPress can be dead easy, but you get the most flexibility if you have a dedicated server. Here the options vary widely.

As you can run WordPress and MySQL on Linux or Windows, pretty much any hosting provider is able to offer you a solution.

A dedicated server can be expensive – anywhere from $100US/mth and upwards – but you have a lot of power. Way too much power probably, unless you have some very intensive needs. A basic WordPress driven site doesn’t need anywhere near this much power.

One very useful option that isn’t widely known about is a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This uses special software to slice a single server up into many virtual servers. Once you have a virtual server, it behaves exactly like a dedicated server. You have root access, and full control over plugins, themes, security (.htaccess), and can run additional software (such as email). This is a great solution for WordPress, where you don’t need the full power of a whole server, but get a lot of benefit from the flexibility of having one.

When you purchase a VPS, you get a small slice of a server, and you can upgrade the size of the slice (memory, disk etc) as your requirements grow. A Linux VPS that runs WordPress beautifully can be had from Rimuhosting from $US 19.95/mth.

We have used Rimuhosting for some time now, they have proved very reliable and their support staff extremely helpful.

About sharing the PublicityShip environment

What we are able to offer to a business wanting to use WordPress is simple. Because we are using WordPress for business-oriented sites, we’ve been able to setup our theme and a range of plugins to create an excellent environment for a business that wants to have a great looking presence and access to lots of online marketing capabilities. If you need a new plugin or customisation to our theme to support a new online marketing requirement or business need, we’re probably going to be dead keen to install it.

We can expand the capacity of the VPS as we get more clients sharing our environment. We can migrate our VPS onto its own dedicated server if we need to, and keep going from there with multiple servers if necessary.

So sharing our hosting environment means you are using Rimuhosting. If you are running one of our sites and you get to the stage where you want your own hosting environment, you can always purchase your own VPS – we would recommend you start with Rimuhosting. It isn’t hard, but you will need to make sure you understand (or have access to someone who does) enough about Linux, MySQL and WordPress installation/maintenance to operate the site. They aren’t high maintenance, but setting Linux and WordPress up securely, applying security patches when they are announced, installing and upgrading plugins and so on needs attention.

Our VPS Hosting By RimuHosting
Java and Linux VPS Hosting by RimuHosting