Two reasons for having a business weblog

People use weblogs for all sorts of reasons. To help your small business grow, I want you to think about two in particular – acquisition and trust.

Acquisition. Weblogs help you acquire new clients. Or more accurately, weblogs help new clients find you. The great thing about the Internet is that if you publish high quality content in a particular field, people find you. The Internet is huge, and there are already over 40 million blogs (and doubling every 6 months). But high quality content on a specific topic will find its audience. Why? Because people are interested in content, and tell others.

Trust. Before people will buy from you over the web, they need to trust you. The personalised nature of weblogs makes them a better way of building trust. Much better than a traditional website. There are more dimensions to the business on display – more sides to your story on display. This combination can help build trust, leading to an easier decision to buy.

A business weblog is a cost effective way to acquire new clients, and tell your story in a way that builds trust.