Award-winning wildlife encounters attract adventure travellers

Travellers who shy away from trawling the tourist routes in favour of undiscovered wilderness experiences are turning to Queensland’s Hidden Jewel Award-winner, Undara Experience.

In a remote Queensland location, during the traditional low season – December to March – nature-lovers can experience wildlife at its most intriguing.

In the Volcanic National Park on the edge of the Gulf Savannah, ‘night tigers’ (brown tree snakes) hang from the entrance of lava tubes at dusk, waiting to strike out and capture the micro bats that fly out in search of food.

The lava tubes, left from volcanic eruptions some 190,000 years ago, are the eerie home to thousands of bats.

The snakes, completely uninterested in humans, simply recoil after their feed and lie in wait for the following evening’s feast.

“The lava tubes are immense – it’s like walking into a cathedral,” said Undara’s Marcus Brady.

“Our Savannah Guides bring alive their interpretation of what happened here geologically 190,000 years ago – just one of the many fascinating aspects of the tours.”

This is just one of the “Wildlife at Sunset” encounters available to Undara guests exploring the tropical savannah woodlands with the knowledgeable Savannah Guides.

Visitors regularly spot the common wallaroo, Mareeba rock wallaby, antilopine, rat kangaroo and the oldest and smallest of the kangaroo family, the Great Eastern.

By searching out the animals at night by torchlight, there’s also a good chance of seeing numerous insects and their prey – the tawny frogmouth and Boobrook owls.

Encounters like these are bringing visitors into North Queensland at a time of year that has been traditionally quiet – creating a whole new holiday experience for nature-loving travellers.

Outback Country Rock & Blues

Complementing the wildlife tours, Undara’s Outback Country Rock and Blues (CR&B) is a new annual music event – the first held in May 2007.

“We organized the first CR&B event earlier this year and it was a tremendous success,” said Marcus.

“The artists came from all over Australia as well as New Zealand, and the response to the event was amazing. Undara is a fantastic place to hold it – and it was so successful we’re going to repeat it each year.”

Undara accommodation

Guests of Undara Experience can choose from carefully restored turn-of-the-century railway carriages shaded by gum trees, and the fully-equipped camping area with the Swags Tent Village, which incorporates comfortable ‘off-the-ground’ tents and beds.

“We offer a total wilderness experience,” said Marcus. “It’s the simplicity of the place that’s so appealing. That and the old-fashioned hospitality we offer: campfire evenings, dining on some of the region’s best produce including Undara’s own beef and sausages, a quiet drink in the bar as the sunset fades – it’s a bit of Australiana.”

Further information
Multi-award winning Undara captures the essence of the real Australian Outback a range of tours that provide an insight into the geology, ecology, local history and bush craft of this vast region.

Undara Experience is the Queensland winner of the PublicityShip Hidden Jewel Awards.

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