Super-smooth Internet video chat now available in Australia

US video & voice calling service, SightSpeed, launches ‘down under’ on 26 June, with free personal video-mail and low-cost desktop video-conferencing

With several awards under its belt, and declared number 21 in PCWorld’s 100 Best Products of 2007, SightSpeed is now demanding the attention of Australians.

SightSpeed offers:

  • Free access for personal video-mail (v-mail). Considered to be the next big trend after e-mail,* v-mail is an engaging alternative to phone or e-mail, especially for Australians wanting to communicate more intimately and naturally with friends and family across the continent or overseas.
  • Easy creation and embedding of videos into social sites. Video-blogging and interaction with social sites such as MySpace and YouTube are increasing among the Internet-savvy Y-generation. SightSpeed is an easy and fun way to make and upload quality videos.
  • Affordable multi-user video-conferencing
  • A demand for better video-conferencing was noted by Australian Broadband news site,, in a recent survey (under the heading “How Broadband is being used”, almost 17% of respondents said they wanted access to video-conferencing). Not only is SightSpeed video-conferencing top quality, but any number of users can interact from their desktops.

    SightSpeed is widely recognised as the leading provider of high quality video services over the Internet. Among glowing reviews is this extract from PC Magazine in May 2007:

    “Version 6.0 further cements SightSpeed’s position as the top provider of free Internet video calling.”

    SightSpeed Manager for Australia & New Zealand, Rick Nand, is confident that Australians will pick up on the product’s advantages very quickly.

    “To give an idea of quality, the ABC (that’s the American Broadcasting Company) uses SightSpeed for their reporters to record stories when they are outside the ABC network area, and MTV uses it for viewers calling into shows,” he said.

    Nand summed up SightSpeed’s advantages over other Internet calling services:

    • “SightSpeed’s amazingly smooth video-chat technology runs at 30 frames/second with perfect clarity and voice-video synchronisation.
      “Other video-mail technology runs at around 10-15 frames/second. SightSpeed’s advantage comes from their expertise in video communication – while most providers started with messaging or voice and bolted video on, SightSpeed is rooted in video technology.”
    • “SightSpeed also utilises Australian-based servers, which means a faster response and elimination of the delay experienced by providers using overseas servers.”
    • “Another advantage SightSpeed has over other Internet communication services is the secure connection.
    • “You don’t have to open a whole port to use SightSpeed. You can specify which addresses are allowed, diminishing the security threat considerably.”
    • “Finally, SightSpeed can interoperate with other SIP-based networks and SIP-enabled hardware devices, and it is cross-platform – it works with both Windows and Mac.”

    SightSpeed CEO Peter Csathy said:

    “Australia represents a wonderful growth market, since many of the video services broadband users are looking for have not been widely available Down Under.”

    Watch this video of Peter Csathy prepared for Australian journalists.

    For further information on SightSpeed, visit

    * Fast-forward to the 4-minute mark in this ComputerWorld interview for comments from ‘business futurist’ Morris Miselowski on the trend towards v-mail.

    For more information:
    Rick Nand
    Phone: (07) 3801 1661 (DID)
    Mobile: 0400 792 902

    About SightSpeed, Inc.
    SightSpeed, Inc. provides free and premium Internet video and voice communications services (VVoIP and VoIP), enabling consumers and small businesses to make video and voice calls and to send video mail over the Internet using either a PC or Mac.

    The company’s flagship service is SightSpeed 6.0, which includes VVoIP, VoIP, text messaging and support for mobile personal video. SightSpeed’s suite of video services offers opportunities for video-enabled advertising and e-commerce. The company’s newest offering, Vlip, is an interactive video site in early beta that uses innovative “threader” technology to link Vlip video posting and replies together on and across multiple websites, blogs and wikis, enabling viewers to observe a sequence of video exchanges, not merely a single video post.

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