New Technology Paves Way for Clear Vision

Latest eye laser technology hits Perth

West Australians can now access the most sophisticated laser eye technology to come out of Silicon Valley, thanks to Perth’s Clear Vision Laser Clinic.

Clear Vision surgeon, Michael English, introduced Perth’s first Excimer Laser in the mid 90s. Now the Leederville clinic has invested over a million dollars bringing the latest in VISX LASIK eye technology to WA.

“The new VISX Star S4 allows us to provide an extremely tailored treatment for every individual,” said Sally O’Donnell, Senior Orthoptist and Practice Manager for Clear Vision.

As the sole owners in WA of the new technology, Clear Vision is able to offer:

  • Greater accuracy: The Star S4 offers the exceptional ability to track the iris during surgery: “Iris registration” technology maps the eye in three dimensions during the initial assessment and transposes that information over the images it “sees” during surgery. This enables the technology to “track” eye movement and compensate the direction of the beam to ensure the most accurate surgical result.
  • Faster recovery times: This technique also allows the surgeon to remove far less tissue than before, helping to shorten recovery times. Clients can expect to resume normal activities in around 24 hours following treatment.
  • Less discomfort: Unlike other laser systems, the VISX Star S4 does not require the surgeon to dilate the patient’s pupils, which is an uncomfortable procedure. Patients are given a mild sedative before treatment with topical anesthetic in the form of drops applied just prior to surgery. Upon completion patients feel nothing more than a minor scratching sensation comparable to having an eyelash in one’s eye.

Clear Vision takes these benefits one step further by paying close attention to individual pre- and post-operative care, ensuring the patient’s experience is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

“The feedback we get from our patients is truly rewarding. It is so gratifying to hear what a difference the surgery makes to their lives.

“By offering finance, we also make this surgery accessible to those who need it,” Sally added.

Lasik eye surgery is suitable for those 20 years and over with a stable glasses prescription of 12 months or more.

Name: Sally O’Donnell
Title: Senior Orthoptist and Practice Manager
Phone: (08) 9381 8266

Editors Note
Sally O’Donnell is happy to arrange interviews with past clients of Clear Vision Laser Clinic.

Further information on the VISX StarS4:

  • The VISX group – a pioneering laser technology company based near San Francisco, USA – supplies laser products to more than 60% of laser eye surgery clinics worldwide.
  • LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is the most commonly performed refractive surgery procedure, preferred due to relative lack of pain and fast recovery.
  • The Star S4 also has seven variable sized beams, to give greater flexibility and allow for faster, smoother treatment with precise corneal shaping.
  • 3-D Active Infrared Eye Tracking allows the surgeon to track eye movements in all three dimensions during treatment. This tracker has been created exclusively for ophthalmic use during laser vision correction and was designed specifically to address patient eye movement during surgery: the patient’s eye position is verified and safety checked before every laser pulse and the laser is repositioned to match eye movements.

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